Location Extensions Are Now Available in Google Display Ads for Local Businesses

Google Display Ads are now enabling location extensions when users are nearby and have expressed a desire to look for a specific product or service. Just like the location extensions that are displayed in Google Search and Google Maps, information like business hours, location, and photos of the business will be displayed. The reason why Google is releasing this new feature is because internal data indicates location extensions lead to a significant increase in clicks to a business, with 60% of clicks are about directions or business information.



Google display ads with location extensions will be shown to users who are near the location and may be interested in a particular business. Google gives the example of a user browsing a food blog being shown an ad for a local bakery complete with location extensions.

How to Set Up Location Extensions for Display Network Campaigns

You can add location extensions to display network campign by clicking the option to “Extend my ads with location information.”

It is also possible to set the radius of people you want to target by navigating to “Location options (advanced)”.

Next, navigate to “+ad” to create an ad and click save after you finish.


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