Local Search Voted Most Powerful for Local Businesses

BrightLocal recently conducted their annual “Local Clicks & Calls” survey to find out which digital marketing channels generate the most traffic, phone calls, and return on investment for local businesses. This survey is used to gain insight on where local businesses should allocate marketing time, energy, and budget.

Results from this survey show that organic and local searches deliver the highest quality leads for local businesses, with Google AdWords slightly behind and Twitter, Facebook and display ads retuning the lowest quality leads. Organic and local search have come out on top 2 years in a row for the highest quality leads. These continually come out on top due to the fact that they are drawing high-intent consumers who are searching for the product or service where they currently are. These consumers are already engaged in the purchase process and are more likely to finish the process and convert to a sale. Not only do local and organic searches deliver high-quality leads, they also provide the best ROI, both in terms of financial investment as well as time and effort spent. Local and organic search also delivers the most website traffic and are most effective at driving website traffic, delivering 40% of site traffic to local business pages.

Google AdWords is often ranked highly year after year for local business due to its ability to target locations and its high degree of control which results in predictable returns. Although social channels may not have shown to generate as high-quality leads as organic or local searches, they are still important engagement and communication tools to take advantage of.

According to this survey, it is clear local search is winning across the board. For local businesses, local search results generate the most quality leads, ROI, and website traffic with organic searches following closely behind.

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