Local Listing Benefits

For local small businesses, it can be tough to get your brand name out there for people to see. Which is why building a presence on listing websites can be extremely beneficial. Listing websites are a great way to get exposure to a website. Users may not know the name of your site or maybe have never even heard of it. By being listed on local directories, that same user who had not even heard of you will see your website, and could potentially turn into a lead or better, a conversion. Regardless, the user has now seen your brand and is aware of your website, because of that local listing spot.
Another benefit of local listing which directly correlates with exposure is simple advertising. Being able to get your site known and listed with correct information regarding your business is huge. Most listing sites don’t charge for a business listing so not only advertising but free advertising too.
When thinking of listing sites, of course, the big ones come to mind, Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Business. There are so much more though, especially industry-specific sites. For example, if you own a small contractor company, you would want to be listed on Houzz, a popular industry-specific site showing local contractors and company reviews. There are websites that can help build listing campaigns for your business, and find industry-specific directories for you. The more trustworthy listing sites you have showing your brand also means the more sites that will be linking to you. This can positively impact your search engine rankings if you have reputable sites linking to you, so building a local listing presence is also a way to build external links. Which in turn, can also improve rankings.
Local listing sites can help small business gain exposure within their industry and service areas. It is important to keep in mind that all the information listed throughout directories must be correct and consistent, otherwise you could lose potential clients because of false information. With the correct information though, listing sights offer nothing but positives.

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