Live Chat Might Be What Your Business Needs Right Now

We are living in an era where millennials, a phrase used to describe people born in 1980s-2000s, are texting more than calling. Long gone the time when you need to get a hold of somebody, you have to pick up a phone book and look up numbers. As a result, customer support cannot rely solely on phone calls as their main way of function. Live chat nowadays plays an important part in customer success strategies, and you might be missing out on so many opportunities by not having a live chat system. So what exactly makes live chat good for your business?

Customers Might Make More Purchases

According to a report conducted by Blog360, visitors who use live chat are 4.5 times more valuable than visitors who don’t. This means these visitors are better quality leads and have higher chances of converting and making a sale. Having someone chatting with them in real-time while they are browsing your products could certainly impact their decision to make a purchase.

Customers Engaging in Live Chat are More Satisfied

Live Chat does not only increase conversions but also customer satisfaction. A research done by eDigitalResearch, a global intelligence firm, shows that visitors who engage in live chat are more satisfied compared to visitors who only interact via emails or phone calls.

Live Chat Allows Customer Success Agents to Multi-Task

The awesome thing about live chat is that it doesn’t require customer success agents to concentrate 100 percent on an individual request. While waiting for a customer to respond or ask questions, they can tend to other customers’ chats, answer a call or send out an email. It’s all about multi-tasking!

Live Chat Allows Better Responses

When you are on the phone, you have to act fast and constantly make sure your language is clear and appropriate. When you are texting, you have more time to carefully craft a message. This makes sure that you are not conveying anything rude or inconsiderate. It is also easier to look up answers for your clients at your own leisure.

You Can Ask for Reviews at the End of the Chat!

At the end of every live chat session, you have the opportunity to ask the customers for a review of your products. Utilize it!

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