Linking Techniques That Will Help Get Your Content Discovered

Content marketing goals should drive your content marketing practices and techniques. Sometimes, content marketers lose sight of their goals and fail to have the correct perspective on the techniques which allow the content to get found.

Links are a major part of content marketing because they do the following:

  • Content must be linked and have links or it won’t get ranked
  • If content isn’t ranked then it’s not found
  • It content isn’t found, it’s not read

Linking is an integral part of content marketing. If you implement misguided link practices, this could result in a penalty.

Check out some link building techniques below.

1. Co-Citation

Co-citation occurs when your brand is mentioned but not linked. Google tracks brand mentions, not just links. This means that you can grow your brand recognition, authority and ranking. Co-citation can also happen when Website 1 links to Website 2 and Website 3. Even though the two aren’t linked, Website 2 lends its authority to Website 3.

2. Pay Attention to Your Niche

If you stray away from your niche then you will receive links from undesirable websites. When Google searches, it’s not just looking for links but relevant sites.

3. Interact with other Websites & Blogs

Gain links from other sites by interacting with them. Even if you are linking to a competitor, just be sure that the website has exceptional content and adds value to your own.


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