Linkedin Updates Search Query

I think we’re all pretty familiar with the Facebook Search Graph upgrade. The latest news in the SEO world is that LinkedIn has joined the club in approving their search query. Social media sites are really starting to step up their game; Google better watch out! Earlier this week, the professional social network has made some major enhancements, including a new unified search feature, and an algorithm that consistently serves up more relevant search results.

LinkedIn has had almost 6 billion searches performed last year alone; a new search upgrade was definitely necessary. The new search will bring up a list of companies, jobs and people all on one page. If users want to narrow down their search, to let’s say jobs, they can use the search filter to modify their selections; this gives users more organized options quicker and more efficiently.

The new algorithm that LinkedIn is using is so efficient that over time it learns exactly what each individual user’s intent and search history is. With that knowledge they are able to bring up more relevant searches with every search he or she performs.

The new advanced search option provides more options to help modify each user’s search; you can search by school, location, or company. The new auto-complete will prompt a list of search options as the user is typing in a search. As time goes on, the more searches the user performs the more accurate their auto-complete will become at predicting relevant content the user wants to search.

A suggested search feature will go along with the auto-complete helping users quickly find the content they are looking for. Users will also receive alert notifications when save search results have changed.

Within the next couple of weeks, these great search features will be available to the world. If you have a business, make sure you have a business LinkedIn account. These updated search results will help bring more potential customers to your business page. The new search feature of LinkedIn is another tool in your SEO pocket that you must take advantage of.

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