LinkedIn Rolling Out New Features for Company Pages

In order to combat challenges created by employees feeling disconnected from remote working, LinkedIn has launched new features to company pages to make employees feel more connected to each other. A study cited by LinkedIn in their announcement noted that employees are feeling less connected to their leaders, fellow employees and even their own friends. The updated features are designed to help the administrators of company pages connect to fellow employees, gain more insight about the users following the page and announce and publicize upcoming events.

Learning About Your Followers

Page admins have never been able to see who is following their page up to this point. A new “view page followers” feature allows administrators to view each individual user who follows the company page as well as their publicly available information, including name, photo, company, industry and geographic location. In addition to being able to view this information, page administrators are able to sort their followers by location, industry and company. This makes page audiences more transparent and can help determine the type of content to post on the page. 

“My Company”

The new “My Company” tab allows employees to interact and engage with each other, allowing for higher levels of connection. The tab acts a feed displaying company milestones including new hires, promotions, work anniversaries; recommended connections for coworkers you may not know are on LinkedIn and posts and other content from coworkers. New features are going to continue to be added to the My Company tab as time goes on. This tab is available for businesses with over 201 employees on the network, also determined by the “Company Size” field.

Company Events Tab

For the time being, virtual events are a way for employees to connect and interact with coworkers while the pandemic continues. However, virtual events can be difficult to find and discover organically. The new Events tab on your company’s LinkedIn page will be able to pull events loaded into your page in the past and going forward into the future. Events such as mixers, webinars, panel discussions, and informative sessions can be linked on your events page, even if your company is featured or co-hosting the event.

Should I take advantage of these new features?

In short, yes. Utilizing new features available on your LinkedIn page will help you optimize the page for search by prospective hires, potential clients, and even your own employees. They are available for company pages worldwide and can be advantageous on the LinkedIn platform especially if your competitors wait to use these fields. 

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