Link Removal -The New Link Building in 2014

After the numerous updates to Google Penguin, webmasters have caught on that removing links can be just as important as building links. The penalty for having spam links is so powerful, that webmasters are looking more at the current links that they have than at the potential ones they could be building. If you have requested a webmasters to add a link or remove a link you probably already know that these are just as hard for webmasters and normally take the same amount of time. Half the battle of contacting a webmaster is getting their attention. So how do you get the attention of a webmaster? has gotten creative with their requests and it seems to be working. In their most recent link removal requests, their webmasters gave their emails a private theme mentioning to webmasters that links on their site “might be making the seas stormy” . They also attached an image to liven things up .


The webmaster appreciated the humor replying:

Ahoy Ye Matey website removed.

I appreciate the way you approached bloggers about this so I will waive my typical fee and remove the link.

What a great removal request! Brightened up my day for sure…

Although these measure do not guarantee you will have the same result as did it certainly cannot hurt your chances of having a spam link removed from a site.

By Matthew Wilkos

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