Link Building Mistakes To Avoid This Year

It is a new year and link building is still a vital part of search engine optimization. White Hat link-building methods can help your website build up domain authority and rank higher on specific search engine result pages. Done right, link building in the SEO world can serve as a vote of confidence for Google and their search engine crawlers. Unfortunately, there are still many link-building mistakes being made in 2022. Here are common link-building mistakes and how to avoid them on your website.

1. Failure to Link To More Than One Page

When it comes to link building, branching out is essential. If you are only backlinking to one page, Google may interpret this as a “black-hat” SEO practice. When websites conduct black hat SEO practices, the website can be punished on search engine result pages. Whether intentional or unintentional, black hat SEO is a big no-no. When you link build, make sure you are linking to various pages on your website.

2. Improper Use Of Anchor Text

Anchor text can be used during link building, but it is important to be mindful. Excessive use of anchor text can lead Google and its crawlers to interpret black hat methods. Use anchor texts when you feel they are necessary and never force them. Always make sure your anchor texts are relevant and catered towards what you want your website to rank for. There are many useless anchor texts in the digital space. Know your business’s keywords and use them accordingly.

3. Trading Links

The notion of “trading links” with other websites sounds good on paper, but that is really all there is to it. Those who decide to go beyond the notion can see their websites punished for this tactic. Other websites can link to yours and vice versa, but it cannot be a prearranged agreement. Link sharing needs to happen organically. Solely trading links is another black hat SEO practice and should be avoided when opportunities present themselves.

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