Link Building in a Penguin World

Link building, if done correctly, can and should get you more traffic to your website. There are four steps, which can help guide you into good link building practices. A rule of thumb: when linking make sure to link to a reliable and related source. You want to avoid link farms, and spamming. Google releases updates to the Penguin Algorithm every month or so, which can have negative affects on your SERPs. Penguin targets spamming sites and link farms, and penalizes the site using them. Being penalized by Google will hurt your rankings on all search engines that feed off Google, which correlates to less traffic to your site.

Now that we have talked about what not to do, let’s go over the four steps to strong link building practices.

The first step is to check out who is linking up to your site. You can check these inbound links by using Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, WordPress Dashboard, link analysis tools, and more! These tools will help you determine if there are reliable strong links to your site. If it is a good link, comment on the site, share the site on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Bringing people to sites that link to you can also help bring more traffic to you, and possibly more links. This is where the relationship part kicks in: when a site helps get traffic to your site, you reciprocate, by bringing more traffic to their site.

Step number two: make sure to keep a reciprocal relationship with linking sites on you social media. If someone mentions you or your company in a positive manner through social media, it’s only right that you reach out, and return the favor. You want to keep a positive relationship. If you decide to share someone’s strong and original content, they very well might return the favor and do the exact same thing for you.

Step number three: in order to get more people to your site, target the most influential social media users in your target field. They can help promote your business and possibly get more traffic to your site. There is nothing wrong with tagging them, and directing them to your content (just don’t be too overbearing). Connecting with influential social media users, and starting business related relationships with these users, can help gain more traffic to your site.

The final step: don’t forget about the little guy! While targeting influential users is important, so too is getting the attention of everybody else. Sometimes, these quote on quote little guys, can help promote your business the most. Keep that in mind when a relatively unknown business or person tries to connect with you. If they are legitimate and reliable sources, connect with them, and start a linking relationship with them; you never know: this relatively unknown person or business can give you the spark you need to gain more traffic.

Link building does take some hard work, as you need to be sociable in order to make relationships with people and businesses all around you. The right relationship, with the right person or business, can help bring more traffic to your site. Remember that while linking is important, there are thousands of other SEO practices that can help gain the traffic you have been hoping for.

–          Joe Giorgianni

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