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Link building in the SEO world is a concept where one website links back to another website. Link Building is still a strong ranking factor for search engines such as Google. When Link building takes place, the chances of your website ranking higher for search engine queries increase. Website owners should not ignore the practice of link-building because proper link-building will make your website more credible in the eyes of Google. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you link build.

1. Build a Relationship with Other Websites

Other websites are not going to link to your website if they do not trust your website or do not know your website. Spend time getting to know websites related to your industry that can be worthwhile to link build with. It is important to remember that link building should be beneficial for both parties.

2. Create Content That is Worthy

Content is everywhere but not valued the same. One of the best ways to get a link building partnership is to create content other websites want to link to. Other websites linking to your website without you asking them to is invaluable.

3. Do Not Buy Links

While link buying is an option, it is considered a “black hat” SEO tactic. Search engines such as Google can hand out penalties such as lowering your website’s search presence if they deem your website is buying links unethically.

4. Be Patient

Link building is not an overnight process. Link building with other websites usually takes weeks if not a few months. Remaining patient, focused, and determined is the best course of action.

5. Do Not Forget About Your Network

Sometimes one can be so busy trying to build out their network, that they forget about the network they have already established. Consider your friends, family and colleagues who already exist in the digital space before branching out.

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