Link Building 2018 (What You Should Already Be Doing)

Regardless of what stories or rumors you may have heard, link building is still essential as it plays an integral part in ranking and can help your site rise in the search results. Keep in mind, not all links are valued equally. In fact, low value, spam or non-pertinent links will devalue your rankings on Google search.
Here are other factors that will have a strong influence on link building for 2018:

Content is Still King

Before you start to look around for backlinks on the site, you want to make sure you are giving readers a valuable reason to link to you. High-quality content is a great way to get yourself started. Creating quality content articles and blog posts that offer real value on the topic will get you noticed. Google algorithms have become a lot smarter and can recognize poor quality content when indexing your webpage.

Guest Post

An old tactic but a good one. Guest posting is a great tactic to be featured on blog websites (which also increases your credibility) and gain attraction from users in your niche.

Broken Links

A broken link or dead link is a link on a web page that no longer works. This is essential as the webmaster will take this as poor user experience. Using back link analysis tools such as Cognitive or Majestic will allow you to discover and fix those broken links.


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