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Keyword research is one of the most important things to do before you start any SEO/Paid Advertising campaigns. While a lot of industries seem obvious and easy enough, you never actually know what goes on in people’s mind while they are searching. With the help of these tools below, your keyword research is guaranteed to get much easier.

Google Keyword Planner Tool (Free)

If you are familiar with Google AdWords, you must have used their keyword planner at least once. This powerful tool combines two features: a keyword tool and an AdWords traffic estimator for the keyword. By utilizing this wonderful free platform, you can optimize your website effectively based on the researched market keywords. Also, by looking at the AdWords high demand traffics, you can learn the current trends in the industry in order to tailor your contents to the potential leads.

Cost: Free

Keywords Everywhere (Free)

Keywords Everywhere is a free plug-in that you can download on your Google Chrome or Firefox browser that gives you a list of related and similar keywords every time you make a search. This plug-in is really useful when you are performing keyword research as it gives you the volume of each similar and related keyword as well

Cost: Free

SEOChat (Free)

SEOChat offers a keyword finder tool where you just have to put in a specific keyword and the tool gives you a list of sub keywords related to it. You can also select a level of how longtailed you want to get for your results. With all of these, you can download the data and use the information you get to discover new related keywords.

Cost: Free


With SEMRUSH, you can get detailed traffic statistics, SEO reports, CPC for AdWords/AdSense, etc. Unlike other keyword planners, SEMRUSH takes away the guesswork & help you quickly find long tail keyword from any website.

Cost: $99.95/month monthly pro plan

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