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Landing pages are an important tool that all business owners should be using on their websites to show what kind of services they offer in specific locations. However, one way to stay ahead of the competition is to make Google Ads that are optimized to match your landing pages. Google Ads will cost some money. However, the ROI would be well worth it. Boston web marketing offers both SEO services on landing pages and Google Ads. Read more to learn some advice on how to optimize your landing pages for Google Ads and vice versa.

Optimizing Landing Pages

To start, first, let’s go over the basics on what should be in a high-quality SEO performing landing page. Let’s say you are a contractor who specializes in roofing in Central New Jersey. Content is King, so the best thing to do on your site is to make different landing pages for the town you would like to do business in. The Titles of landing pages should always have a service and then the town name in it, for example. “Roofing and Siding services in Middlesex County.” Inside of the landing page should state the rest of the services in detail as well as what landmarks your company is near and, some explanations of directions from that city to your physical site. Never forget to have multiple calls to actions on your landing pages to try to get some conversions.

Google Ads and Landing Pages

Once your landing pages are built and are in a good standing SEO wise, then it is time to start making some Google Ads off of that specific landing page to get more traffic and hopefully even more conversions. First, review your landing page and pick some specific keywords, for example, In our landing page before we focused on “Roofing” and “Siding.” These keywords are what you should use to focus on in your ads. Next, use the location to use as the ad radius as well as what location to write in the ad itself. “Roofing and Siding Services located in Middlesex, NJ, Call us now!” This would be a good ad to have running with your landing page!


Having a Google Ad on a Landing Page can help boost overall traffic to the landing page and help optimize the Google Ad at the same time. If done, over time you should see an increase in organics to your landing page hopefully beating our the competition, as well as the Google Ad PPC, lowered for the ad performing well. IF you have any questions or would like to hear about any of our services here at Boston Web, please call us at 857.526.0096

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