Keyword Research Tips

Keyword research is an ongoing process for SEO. It is absolutely crucial for the success of a website, which is why it should be thought about often. You should not choose keywords once and call it a day. There are plenty of tools that can be used for conducting keyword research, but what is really important is figuring out the keyword strategy that works best for you and your company. Once a strategy is figured out, you can figure out how to implement and plan your budget. After that, you start gaining leads! Read along for simple keyword research tips that will help you find your keyword strategy.

Localized Keywords

A strategy that helps many small businesses begin to rank higher on Google is localizing their keywords. This is particularly helpful to those who have a physical store to target buyers close to the location. You may want to start with the specific town you are located in, then branch out to surrounding towns in the county included in your service area. You may notice less traffic coming from these keywords compared to your more broad keywords, but the traffic you are receiving is from people with the intent to purchase your product or service.

On-Site Search

One keyword research strategy that may have gone right over your head as it did many is to take advantage of what people are searching for on your website; they are literally telling you exactly what they are looking for! If you have a search bar on your website, you can use your Google My Business account to see exactly what the potential customers are searching for through your products or services.

Check Out the Competition

One of the easiest things you can do when conducting your keyword research is to see what keywords your competitors use for themselves. This can give you some insight into the strategy they are using and maybe even open your eyes to a few ideas you may not have thought of before. All you need to do is log into Google Ads, search by website, and plug in your competitor’s URL to see a list of keywords.

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