Keyword Research for Smartphone Users

Over the last couple of years, business owners have come to realize that more people are using smartphones and tablets to search for businesses online. People are always on the go, with their ever so reliable smartphone glued to their hand. In order to capitalize on this increasingly growing development, businesses have to conduct research on which keywords will get the most hits on smartphones. Today we’re going to go over three ways to research keywords that can get you hits to your website from smartphone users; trust me you don’t want to miss out on this potential huge increase in traffic.

  1. You need to set goals to accomplish when you’re conducting your keyword research. You need to decide what you want your potential customers to do once they reach your site; will they click, buy, view, download, convert offline, etc. If you have a site that is designed specifically for smartphones, you have a great chance to use more keywords, and drive more traffic to your site, which will hopefully lead to some conversions.
  2. Now you will discover which keywords your customers are using to find your site, and your competitors’. This may seem like a hard task, but it is actually rather easy. One way to check how well you’re doing on phone searches is to check your Google Webmaster Tools. You can see how many hits you’re getting on a monthly basis, and see which words people are using to find your site. Also use Google Analytics; this will give you keywords people used to find your site on smartphones and tablets. Finding the right keywords is literally right in front of you, all you have to do is open your eyes!
  3. Now all that is left is choosing which keywords are the best to use, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering you have so many tools telling you which keywords are most popular. Here are a few tricks that can help point you into the right direction when choosing the right keywords: You’re number one tool is Google Webmaster Tools. It is the only tool that will compare desktop keywords searches with mobile keyword searches. You can get a better understanding of what kind of site to build by examining the differences and the similarities between keywords. Check out this pie chart compliments of search engine land.

If the desktop and the mobile keywords are almost identical, then you don’t really have to change any of your keywords. However, like the chart above, if the keywords for desktop are overwhelmingly different than mobile, you might want to think of new keywords to accommodate for mobile users.

In order to capitalize and make the most out of this huge market, that is the internet, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve, or at least keep up with the changing tide! The majority of people out there, no matter what age, have a smartphone, and they are using their phones to find places to eat, doctors, dentists, mechanics, whatever it may be. It is your job as a business owner to stay on top of the changing tides, and that includes doing some research. The more you know about your users, the better off you will be.

By: Joe Giorgianni

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