How Does Keyword Research Benefit Your Business and Website?

One aspect of SEO strategy is gaining a better understanding of your business’s industry, market, and customers’ needs. To do so, you can take advantage of social media platforms to examine existing trends and connect with your audience. For a more centralized method of gathering search data or trending topics, performing keyword research and analysis can be incredibly helpful. We’ll review some of the top ways keyword research can benefit your website.

Keyword Research Helps Locate High-Volume Search Queries

When creating copy and metadata for your website, the idea is to outfit these spaces with words and phrases that your audience will commonly type into search engines. Some of these phrases and words have a higher search volume than others, which means more people are using these exact words or variations of them to find services and products just like yours. Tools like WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool allow you to input your website’s URL and target service area to reveal commonly searched keywords that are relevant to your business. These high-volume keywords, when implemented across your website, will allow Google to index your pages and present that on SERPs accordingly, boosting your rankings for the corresponding searches.

Helps with Content Generation

If your website has a wide variety of content, chances are you’re wondering what else you could possibly discuss! One benefit of keyword research is figuring out what topics and ideas are truly important to your audience, which allows you to create content accordingly. For example, if you have a business that offers farm-fresh subscription-based products and you normally write specifically about farming topics, keyword research may indicate your target audience is looking up things like “breakfast ideas” or “healthy dinner recipes”. This opens up a whole world of content you can begin generating that you haven’t touched on before!

Allows for Time Optimization

Keyword research can relieve you of decision fatigue, helping you spend less time focusing on how to create the best content and more time on the innovative side of your business. By using keyword tools, you can look through a well-organized, filtered list of words and topics to include on your website instead of resorting to more meticulous market research strategies. Keeping a detailed spreadsheet of keywords and performing research monthly is an easy way to stay on top of trending topics and boost your SEO strategy.

Boston Web Marketing Provides Premium SEO Solutions

Even though keyword research isn’t the hardest aspect of search engine optimization, you don’t have to perform digital marketing duties like this alone. Boston Web Marketing is here to assist you with all of your SEO needs. We have a team of specialists waiting to help you get found today. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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