Keyword Diversification: Don’t Leave Small Markets Behind

Since working with Boston Web Marketing I’ve noticed a trend among clients who are in their first foray in to the world of search engine optimization.  That trend deals with keywords; because many feel that they only want to rank for the top spot in their industry’s most popular search term.  This is a great goal to have and it should be something you work towards. The idea of only wanting to rank for the most competitive terms will leave many opportunities on the table.

By opportunities I mean the chance to go after other competitive keywords that can still drive traffic to your site. Many SEO campaigns revolve around the idea of shooting for the most competitive keywords. These campaigns can leave behind small markets that drive steady traffic and are less competitive.  The solution is right under most peoples’ noses, just look at the bottom of the first and the top of the second page for suggested terms.  These terms are prime for the taking. They are normally less competitive and therefor are easier to achieve high rankings for.

With these terms you can use the Google AdWords Tool to show you the competition level of these keywords.  This can allow you to make a list of keywords that relate well to your business and now implement them in your daily SEO practices.  By having them associated with all of your listings, social bookmarking, social media pages and website you’ll start to see a jump in the rankings. This jump takes time, Google needs to index new information; so the average time is about two to three months to see results.


–  George Freeman

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