Key SEO Metrics in Google Analytics and Search Console

In this day and age, Google’s SEO products, such as Analytics and Search Console, can provide a digital marketer with plenty of useful information. This data can help determine the effectiveness of the existing online marketing campaign. But what are the most important SEO metrics that need to be constantly monitored?

Google Analytics

Initially, you need to examine the traffic coming through the Organic Search only. Essentially, high-ranking, non-paid placements in SERP’s is the ultimate goal of SEO. The Organic Landing Page report will give you an insight of which pages on your website do better than others. Consider the bounce rate and improve SEO on the pages that perform poorly. You can test out different strategies on each page and see how effective they play out. The same logic pertains to Organic Exit Pages report.   

Remember, when users land on your website, they might not necessarily generate a lead. Install conversion tracking and narrow the metrics to the organic visitors only. Conversions by landing page will show which pages have an effective marketing message, and which are lacking one. Consider conversions by device type and optimize your website for the screen size people view it on.

Google Search Console

Under Search Analytics, you can find the data that shows average CTR, or percentage of users who clicked on your sitelink in SERP’s. Similarly to the Top Organic Traffic report, check which landing pages are the most appealing to people. This is the reason why you should pay close attention to your page titles and meta descriptions. Consider CTR by Top Keywords to ensure that the page content is reflected accurately, coming back to the importance of relative page titles and meta descriptions.  


Make sure that all of your submitted web pages are indexed. If your sitemap.xml takes a long time pending, try submitting manually through Crawl > Fetch as Google. Search Console will also provide you with crawl errors, which you should address right away.

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