Key Google Analytics Metrics to Measure Your SEO Success

Having Google Analytics set up for your website is crucial to track the traffic to your website, your conversions, and how your SEO efforts are performing. Checking your overall and organic traffic is important, but sharing updates with your clients revolving around the SEO work you do each month is crucial to reinforce that the money they are spending on your services is well worth it.
Total Users & New vs Returning Users – The total users to a website or a specific page gives an idea of overall performance of the work you are doing. Above and beyond the total users, sharing the percentage of new users show the increase in growth and having a steady amount of returning users shows the retention rate, which are healthy to have.
Sessions & Average Session Time – The sessions and average session time give an average for how long a user interacts on your website for. Knowing the average time can also give insight to the quality of traffic and how relevant your content is.
Bounce Rate – The bounce rate is a percentage of people who leave the website after only viewing the one page they landed on and not interacting with any other pages. It’s ideal to keep this percentage low and if you’re having trouble doing this, look over your internal links on each of your pages. Internal links can help keep a user on your website as long as they are properly inserted in the page.
Top Traffic Sources – Google Analytics breaks down the traffic sources to a given website into four different sections: organic traffic, direct traffic, referrals, and social. The higher the organic traffic percentage is, the better because it is the traffic that is coming through due to your SEO efforts that you have implemented on- and off-site.
Top Searches – This is where you will find a list of all of the searches performed that brought users to your site and gives you an idea of how a website is performing on search engine result pages. This information is also useful to determine new keywords to use and ideas for future content.
The key is to provide as much information to your client as possible to back up and prove that the work you are doing for their website is necessary. If you are looking to start implementing SEO on your website, get your free website analysis with Boston Web Marketing today!

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