Key Factors of Successful Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be an excellent way to engage with your current clientele and prospective customers and ultimately boost your ROI. According to Salecycle, 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month. Though an incredible marketing tool, email campaigns require intricate thought, planning, and execution in order to be successful. Timing, personalization, and your goals are crucial factors to consider.

Follow along as the email marketing experts at Boston Web Marketing go over the key factors to consider when delivering successful email campaigns.

Set Your Goals

All marketing strategies begin with determining your goals. Not every email campaign is sent for the same reason.  Email campaigns can be a great way to:

  • Provide information about a product or service
  • Re-engage previous subscribers
  • Offer a promotion
  • Get sales
  • Get audience back to your website

Your goals determine the design and content of your email campaign.

Know Your Audience

Email campaigns are the perfect opportunity to get personal with your clientele. Email campaigns are where you want to personalize your message rather than send out a message for all. Get to know your audience before sending out campaigns by getting insight into their interests, age, wants, needs, preferences, behaviors, and any other relevant information for the specific campaign.


Once you get to know your audience, you should personalize these campaigns to them. Use language they are familiar with, images that may speak to them, and subject lines that you know will catch their attention. Being familiar with your audience allows you to personalize your campaigns that much more.

Segment Email Lists

Regardless of how many contacts you have on your email list, whether 100 or 10,000, segmentation is crucial. Your business goals and audience determine how you segment your contact list, but there are broad segments to follow.

Generally, you should segment your email contact lists by location, age, content interest, purchase history, and other relevant groupings to your business.

Subject Lines and Content

When designing your email campaign, create impactful subject lines and copy to draw your audience in to want to click. Be sure that the copy and content of your campaign is clear, concise, and obvious about what you want your audience to know or see. The most important factor is that all content is readable, and then focus on how you want it to look. When designing your campaign, be precise and engaging.

Help from Professionals

If you are looking to start sending email marketing campaigns to your current clients and potential customers and are unsure where to start, consider working with a professional team! At Boston Web Marketing, we have a team of email marketing experts ready to assist you on creating and sending successful email marketing campaigns. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information!


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