Key Elements to a Good Blog Post

There are a lot of things that go into writing the perfect blog post, including elements that appeal to search engines, but writing the perfect blog post is not at all about search engines, and all about the user. The ranking algorithms for all search engines are essentially based off how much the user will like a certain page, and because of this, you have the ability to use blogs as a portal to conversion. Here are some of the most important items to consider in a quality blog post:

Good Copy

One of the most important elements of the search engine ranking algorithm is content. Quality and freshness are how these are described, which means that the copy must be written well and also be a relatively new twist on something that may have been written about in the past. Another thing to consider when writing blogs is adding an occasional FAQ blog. By writing a blog based off a question could appeal to the Hummingbird algorithm and push you to the top of the page, ultimately driving traffic to your site.

Internal Linking

Links are the other most important element of a site’s ranking. Internal links are included in this, and blogs are a perfect way to showcase these. They will help with site architecture, as well as creating pathways for users and crawlers. Having at least two on a page is sufficient, but for longer posts, it is important to use around three to five.

Keyword Usage

Using better keywords, and creating keyword rich content are the keys to higher ranking, which ultimately helps with lead generation. This can also help by picking up targeted searches made by users. One of the main places to focus keywords, other than the copy itself, is the titles and descriptions of the pages themselves.

Call to Actions

Having call to actions, as well as clickable phone numbers and email addresses is a main factor in regards to pushing conversions.
So, just remember, create your content to target users, and do not think so much about the crawlers. This is the key to achieving the goal, which is ultimately conversions and leads.

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