Key components of Launching a new website

Are you thinking about launching a new website or updating your current website? Read below to get some key tips & components on what to look out for when launching a new site. Boston Web Marketing specializes in website building, however, it is important to know the process even if you are a business owner make sure that your money & time is going to the right place.

Choose the correct website platform

The website platform is a crucial element in building the site. If you are building your sit through an SEO company they will most likely suggest a platform to use that they are most comfortable. The most popular web platform is Word Press. Word Press is a good platform because it is user-friendly not only for website builders but also for owners. Word Press allows additional plugins that can further enhance its building process such as Elementor.

Choose a good Domain Name

A domain name will be what people will search for you on the web. You do not want to make your domain name too long or something that is hard to type. For example, if you own an ice cream company & your domain is “eat your ice cream” vs “” the second one is better because it is shorter, easy to type because it has no spaces & easy to remember. Take some time to pick your domain wisely, at the end of the day this is your website & it can be called whatever it is you want it to be.

Pick your Hosting

Your hosting company is where your website will “live”. This means if there are any problems with your site, your hosting company will always have a backup version of your site & will be in charge of it being up & running on a day to day basis. You should not just choose the cheapest hosting you can find! There are many hosting companies out there, & this means there’s the good and the bad. If you are stuck with a bad hosting company, your website will barely make it off the ground. Your SEO company may make suggestions on which hosting companies do the best job. Use their advice plus your own research to make an informative decision.

Make sure there is a ‘Coming Soon” page

This may seem like this is an obvious thing to do, however, it is overlooked by many companies. Your website should be up & running a couple of months to half a year before your actual site opens up, so you can start ranking in google & get some web traffic. The best way to not confuse the traffic to the website is to put a coming soon banner or page on the site. We hope these tips will help you in building your next website!

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