How to Keep Your Site Fresh

Search engines are trying to provide users with the best content in relation to a search query. Through the algorithms used by Google and Bing, there are multiple factors that deem a query relevant and the best result for a specific search. These factors include things such as matching the words of the query itself, the context of the search, the reliability of the site and much more. Another factor search engines look at is the “freshness” of a site. When a site is “fresh” it means the site is continually making edits or adding pages.

Why do search engines like seeing sites “fresh”?

Search engines make freshness a factor in ranking because of how fast information travels today. With information being shared constantly around the world at all hours of the day, something posted on a site yesterday now may be incorrect information today. This is especially the case when a web page hasn’t been touched in months.

How we keep sites fresh

Method One: Blog post!

An easy way to ensure your site remains fresh is the creation of blogs on your site. Adding a blog or two each month will keep you in Google and Bing’s good graces. Blogs are great due to the flexibility in terms of what you can write about. Industry news, trends, services offered, and even community involvement are great topics to touch on within a blog page. The range of topics are limitless and if you have a qualified Copywriter with some SEO skills, this can help with search rankings. Additionally, these blog posts are great for pushing out via social media, increasing referral traffic to your site. If you notice your blogs getting a lot of views, adding a contact form that can potentially drive inbound leads is a great perk as well!

Method Two: Updating existing pages

You have a simple site, an uncomplicated service, and don’t have the time or resources to be constantly adding blogs, is there a way to keep my site fresh? The best way to keep your site fresh in this instance would be to update and make regular edits to the copy within the text on the page. While not as effective as adding new pages such as a blog or additional service pages, this can help with your site being considered fresh.

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