Keep Facebook Fans Up-To-Date with RSS Graffiti

RSS Graffiti is a free Facebook app developed in 2009 that takes posts from online media platforms such as blogs, video channels, and news sources, and publishes them to a users Facebook profile, page, group, or wall.  This tool will automatically check the URL inserted for new posts and publish the post to Facebook: either to a users profile wall, or any number of pages, groups, or events to which you have posting rights.

This Facebook tool is still working out the kinks, for example, users cannot post tweets to Facebook using the RSS Graffiti tool due to recent policy changes on twitters behalf. However, RSS Graffiti has over a million users, including myself. It took me less than 15 minutes to add clients blog urls, where they should post, how often, and how they should appear on Facebook. In addition to this tool being powerful and efficient it is flexible. Users can change the appearance of each post in various ways depending on how you want your fans to react. Some options allow you to have a thumbnail, a url, or a small snapshot of your blog post. How will you use the RSS Graffiti tool?

By Giovanna DaPrato


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