Common Issues with Link Building and How to Solve Them

Link building can produce tremendous SEO results for your website when done properly. We now know that Google rolled out an algorithm update on November 8th and that it may be related to site links, so making sure that your links are quality and relevant will only help your website ranking and traffic. Link building should be a part of your overall SEO strategy, but you need to take time and be thoughtful about your linking strategy and how it fits with your overall plan.

Lack of Quality Assets

When it comes to SEO, content is king, which means it has an impact on link building. Creating content that people want to link to is key! Offering readers valuable and engaging content not only helps them but it also. Quality assets could come in the form of research articles, podcasts, infographics, and so on. Answering the questions that visitors have when they come to your website using interesting, useful information is the best way to have your content shared and have those awesome backlinks created.

Your Website Isn’t Optimized

Often, businesses want to drive visitors to their site using backlinks, but it’s important to make sure that your site is running well before driving people there. Other website owners want to link to quality sites; otherwise, it could hurt their standing online. You want visitors to have a positive user experience when they visit your website. This means that your site is fast, doesn’t include broken images/links, optimized page tagging elements, etc.

Poor Research and Outreach

It would be great if you could simply reach out to USA Today and receive a backlink, but typically that isn’t how it works. You’ll have to do a little digging into what your competitors are doing and if any of their backlinking strategies could apply to you. Keyword and SERP research and analysis is another way to identify backlink opportunities and a way to find key leaders and influencers in your industry. Remember that relevant, quality content is the best way to gain backlinks.

You can do great research, but if you fail during the outreach portion of the process, it can foil your entire plan. You want to make sure that you have the contact details correct for whoever you plan to reach out to and have gained some visibility (ex. Engagement in their social media). Next, you’ll want to be able to present them with a well thought out plan. Finally, you’ll want to make sure that your communication is clear and professional.

Insufficient Tracking

Being organized makes processes easier and in link-building, it is no different. Knowing the varying statuses of link building opportunities is important for your whole team. You’ll want to create a document tracking contact details, the location of links, and monitor SERP and other metrics to determine the value of the links.

Link building campaigns can generate outstanding results for your business, build your brand awareness online, increased authority in your niche. Developing a well-thought-out strategy will help you avoid the common mistakes that are made by marketers. When it comes to link building, the quality will go further than a large number of poor links.

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