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Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

Making sure your website is accessible to everyone, regardless of their disability status, is important. Not only will it help you pull in more viewers from all walks of life to access information, but it also will help you widen your audience and get more leads. While making your website ADA compliant isn’t required under law, it is strongly encouraged and is considered within best practices.

What is ADA Compliance?

In general, ADA compliance is a set of standards and regulations that go across many industries, organizations, and locations. ADA compliance is important on the internet because now more than ever, this is where information is made available to the public. People with disabilities face barriers to this information when it’s hosted on a website that isn’t accessible. When it comes to website accessibility, there are specific requirements and standards that you should try and reach so that the information you provide can be accessible to everyone.

Does ADA Compliance Help with SEO?

While in the past we might not have been able to give you a completely straight answer to these questions, thanks to Google’s new Page Experience Update, many of the same factors that make a website ADA compliant, and create a better user experience for everyone, are also being used as ranking factors for websites in a bigger way. This includes responsive layouts, lack of intrusive elements, and a clear information hierarchy.

Ensure Proper Text Size

Utilizing a larger text size, along with clear and simple designs, are one of the easiest ways you can make your information available to everyone.

Alternative Website Navigation

A navigation bar or button is an important part of any website, but it shouldn’t be the only way your users can get from page to page. These drop-down menus can sometimes be difficult for differently-abled users to navigate. In addition, include an HTML sitemap at the footer of the page as an alternative.

Using Alternative (Alt) Text

While you might’ve heard about using Alt text for SEO, its true purpose is to describe images to those who are differently-abled and might not be able to see the images you put on the site. This is especially important for information tables or infographics that might be in an image format. The more text you can put on your site, the better it will be for those who utilize audio readers to view a site.

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