Is Your Facebook Content Likable?

We all have that Facebook “friend” whose posts we’d rather not see, so we unfollow them so their posts no longer show up on our newsfeeds.

But what happens when your business profile isn’t getting your desired number of likes, comments, shares, or reaches, or you notice that some of your users have unfollowed your business profile?

One thing to consider is if your content is appealing to your followers.  Here are a few things you can do to increase your Facebook content following:

Post original content

When people share your content, your name travels with it.  Having original, likable content such as photos and blogs will give your followers something to look forward to and help them understand what your business represents.  If you decide to re-purpose other people’s images, be sure you are following copy right laws and give attribution to the photographer or illustrator.

Tag your page from your personal profile

Using your personal profile to promote your business puts your company’s Facebook profile at the forefront of your “friends’” newsfeeds, even if they aren’t following the page.  This also provides more links back to your company’s Facebook page, and the tagged posts will show when people search for your business using the Facebook search engine.

Link to your profile whenever possible

If users are searching and come across your personal Facebook profile, you want to make it as easy as possible for users to find your Business page as well.  Make sure your business is properly linked under where you work, add your business profile to your email signature, and make sure your website’s header and footer Facebook icon is easily visible.

Interact with your users

Use your business profile the same way you use it personally: by interacting and having conversations with your followers as you “page.”  This is all a part of the relationship building with your customers and shows potential patrons that you value your customer’s opinions.

Check to see what’s working

Take a look at your Facebook Insights and see your sources of likes.  This will help you be more informed about your statistics and know what content is currently working for you.

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