Is WordPress the Right Blog Platform For You?

If you are interested in starting a blog, you may find the amount of blogging platforms out there to be overwhelming. Fortunately, we are here to simplify things and get you one step closer to launching your blog.

What to Understand First

While the topic of today’s blog centers around WordPress, objectively, there is no singular blog platform that is superior to all the others. What matters most is choosing the blog platform that suits your personal needs the best.

For example, you may want a blog that is straightforward and plain, or you might want one that has extras and additional features to offer. Either way, it’s best to set your sights on the blog platform that caters to your specific goals.

Introduction to WordPress

Though the true number of blog platforms out there may boggle your mind, there are few popular platforms that have gained prominence quite the way that WordPress has.

If you have ever dabbled in blogging at the very least, chances are you’ve run into WordPress one way or another. One of the most popular and ubiquitous blogging platforms out there, WordPress has rose to the forefront for the number of benefits it has for bloggers.

The Positives of WordPress

Some of the aforementioned benefits of WordPress include:

  • Usability. For beginners, WordPress is considerably easy to adapt to. It has a very familiar and straightforward interface that, over time, you will become a natural at using. WordPress’ ease of use continues to make bloggers’ lives easier – there’s no doubt it will help you too.
  • Growth Opportunity. If you are looking to grow your blog, WordPress can help you reach that goal without needing a ton of effort on your part.
  • SEO Capability. If you want your blog to get noticed by search engine users, WordPress can help you with that too! It has built-in SEO software that will help guide your blog to a spot on Google’s search engine results page.

While these can be attractive traits, WordPress is definitely not without its pitfalls.

The Negatives of WordPress

  • Knowing the Ins-and-Outs. Yes, we know we said that WordPress is quite easy to use, but it can be difficult to locate and use smaller features, particularly if you’re a beginner. .

This isn’t necessarily exclusive to WordPress, as becoming familiar with any blog platform can be a challenge, but it definitely can trip you up as a beginner.

  • Frequent Updates. Though this issue doesn’t take aim at WordPress itself, updates are quite frequent, and if they are not completed thoroughly, you may compromise the security of your site.
  • Slow Speeds. WordPress isn’t exactly known for being blazing fast. Sometimes the blog process can be slowed down exponentially, which is never a favorable thing for bloggers, especially those who are looking to save time.

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