Is Web Structure Important For SEO?

Have you ever come across a well-designed website that looks attractive to your eyes, but when trying to navigate around the site, you become lost? If your website is well structured, it will improve your chance of higher ranking in search engines. When a user finds a site that they like, a site with great structure will reduce bounce rate and improve dwell time, both of which will lead to improved rankings. The more appealing your site is to users, the more appealing it is to search engines too.

Here are a few things you should to consider when structuring your website:


Having clear and populated title tags, head tags, meta tags will increase traffic and boost engagement. Search engines generally give this tag more weight over other headings, so it usually improves your search ranking when you use it correctly.

User Experience:

Nobody wants to visit a website without knowing what to do next, if a visitor can’t find the information that they are after, they will leave and look at someone else’s website. A bad user experience can have a negative effect on SEO. Remember, Google loves high dwell time and a low bounce rate!

Internal Links:

Internal linking improves usability through anchor texts, your anchor texts must point to applicable and related content that best interest your readers. Oftentimes people would link back to their old or related content. However, not many would think of doing the reverse by linking the old content back to the new. Close the loop to make sure that all pieces have connected to each other from using internal links. This way, maximizing your internal linking will give users an easier way to access other content, which can result in a better user experience.

URL Length:

Sometimes you see special characters in URLs such as &, %, $, and @. It makes it difficult for search engines to crawl websites if their URLs contain a lot of these special characters. For better SERP rankings, use underscores and dashes to define individual words in your keyword phrase, and use dashes in between words to separates them.

It is important to keep in mind that site structure is one of the most important factors for SEO, so you want to think carefully what kind of goals you have set for your users when visiting your site.

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