Is User’s Experience a Google Ranking Tool?

Yes, one of Google’s many ranking factors is the User’s Experience, however, this ranking factor is only for Mobile searches, not Desktop searches.

As explained by a Google representative, user experience, AKA, UX, is a ranking factor on mobile searches, since April 21, 2015, after the “Mobilegetton” update.

The Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm, is solely about the user’s experience; just because you have a mobile friendly site, does not mean it is user friendly. You need to make sure that your mobile site can be easily navigated by users, has plenty of rich content, and has plenty of call to actions.

As of right now, user experience is not a ranking factor for Desktop searches…yet. But just because it is not a ranking factor yet, doesn’t mean your site should not be user friendly! Make sure both your desktop and mobile versions of your site are well optimized, have plenty of call to actions, and most importantly, they are user friendly!

Remember a great SEO campaign always puts the user (or customer/client) first! This means having a site that users can easily navigate no matter which device they are using!

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