Is Threads Useful For SEO?

Many marketers and consumers have seen the platform “Threads” virtually appear overnight. Earlier this month (July 2023), we witnessed Instagram and the Meta team launch their rival to the Twitter platform, Threads. Threads is marketed as Instagram’s text-based conversation app and virtually performs the same function and purpose as Twitter but without private messaging, hashtags, and a search bar. With over 100 million users, Threads has sparked the minds of marketers worldwide, which is why the expert team here at Boston Web Marketing has compiled our thoughts on Threads to see how impactful it will be on the SEO and digital marketing landscape moving forward.


Threads And Digital Marketing


Threads is going head to head with Twitter as the most popular short-form social media platform. With a longer character limit on Threads, we may see new development where digital marketers will have to alter their short-form strategy per platform. There will not be a one size fits all approach. However, we expect many top brands to use Threads to up their content game. Depending on the brand, we expect to see digital marketing companies with clients interested in engaging with their followers/their following about topics of conversations that apply to them/their business to begin developing a strategy for Threads.


Is Threads Worth Adding To My Digital Marketing And SEO Strategy?


Since we are still in the beginning stages of the platform, Threads may not generate enough improvement in terms of SEO overnight. However, depending on the brands and their level of engagement, companies can still benefit from creating a Threads profile as it may improve organic traffic, even if it is just slightly. The development of advertisements on Threads is inevitable. To get ahead of the rush when this occurs, building profiles for your brand or client could pay to be beneficial in the long run. 


Threads And Public Relations


Like Threads and digital marketing, the benefit the platform may have on digital Public Relations is similar, as there is still uncertainty. However, from a digital public relations perspective, Threads may be extremely beneficial in building trust and awareness with a brand’s targeted audience. With the connection with Instagram, Threads may have the potential to create and build a community and connect with others with the same audience.


The Future Of Threads


While the platform is in its beginning and early stages, we recommend that you personally create a Threads account to explore and investigate. When the platform begins to grow, we, as digital marketing experts, will be ready and eager to adapt, strategize, and explore the benefits of Threads.


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