Is There a New Search Engine for Science & Government Searches?

Google announced a new specialty feature search engine named Dataset Search that is powered by the dataset schema markup that was incorporated in search results back in July. This new search engine allows users to search for and find datasets on an abundance of topics ranging from environmental and social sciences to data provided by government and news organizations. This engine will be extremely helpful for researchers, scientists, data journalists, and anyone interesting in finding data about a specific topic.

When doing a search in this new engine, the results will be shown in a new vertical view thanks to the dataset schema markup code the engine is partially powered by. To enable this, data providers and publishers can mark up their published data web pages with the dataset schema markup code. This is encouraged by Google so that more searchers can find the correct data they are looking for more quickly. Below is a screengrab of the new search engine being used and what search results are going to look like.

search results page using google dataset search While Dataset Search is still fairly new, it will continue to grow as more data publishers will use the schema markup code to describe their datasets.

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