Is there a new Google Pirate Update?

You may have not heard much about Google’s Pirate Update or even know what it is, and that could potentially be because it was first introduced in August of 2012 and has not been updated since.  So, how does this particular feature work and can your website be impacted? The Pirate Update was created with the intent to prevent any websites with copyright infringements from ranking well on Google’s search engine.

If you own a new website, you would not even have previous history in Google for this particular filter.  Additionally, any older sites that may have been negatively impacted by this before now have the potential to receive an upgraded ranking should they have corrected their previous mistakes and negative practices.

Between this update and the official release of Google Penguin 3.0, it is clear to see that they’ve been busy working on new tactics and strategies to downgrade faulty, unreliable sites while rewarding those who are using the proper SEO practices.  Take some time to look over the various ranking factors that Google applies and take the appropriate actions that will ensure that your brand or company is staying in good graces with Google.


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