Is the Smartphone Mobile Trend Coming to a Halt?

Ever since the first iPhone was released 10 years ago, the mobile industry has rapidly developed and expanded to all demographics from all over the world. It’s impossible nowadays to imagine a world without mobile devices and smartphones. A study done by Pew Research Center pointed out that among 95% of US adults who have a mobile phone, 70% of them have a smartphone. That certainly explains the current trends among designers and developers to utilize their products, websites, movies and other apps in order to provide the best experiences on mobile devices. Every single ad/marketing campaign has been tailored to fit both traditional and mobile users in the last 5 years.

However, a different number suggests a stall in the smartphone/mobile market. Smartphone shipments around the world grew zero percent in 2017. This was both a surprise and an alarm to many industry experts. Data also showed that the average selling price of smartphones is decreasing. Many speculations indicated that the smartphone revolution is living its last breaths. If so, what does it mean for marketers and advertisers?

Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker pointed out that the Internet has only reached about 50% of the world population. That is quite a big number, which indicates that half of the people living on Earth hasn’t had access to the Internet, and very likely will access the Internet in future via smartphone usages. This could mean that there is still a lot of room for growth in the smartphone industry.

Another bit of good news is that people continue to spend more time on digital media, and smartphones are definitely increasingly dominating over desktops, laptops, and other electronic devices. While traditional devices are seeing a flat line of growth over the years, smartphones are experiencing big spikes in term of user’s usage.

So what does it really mean for marketers and advertisers? The mobile industry, while slowing down and stabilizing, it is definitely still a gold-mine for businesses to promote and advertise. Online advertising platforms like Facebook and Google are continuingly rolling out new features and services to meet the demands. Most digital ad growth for business is still coming from mobile, and everyone should expect to see that continue to grow in the future. Make sure that your website, app and other digital media formats are well-optimized for mobile usage, and you should be getting your marketing money worth.

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