Is The Homepage The Most Important Page To Google?

While the homepage is more often the page that most people will land on first, is it the most important page in the eyes of Google? An optimized homepage is the face of your website, and because most people land there first, it’s important to ensure that it is attractive and informative. When someone lands on your homepage, they should know who you are, what you are, and what you offer. If they do not get that information at first glance, they may be confused and exit another website. The homepage is highly important for users, but how important is it to Google?

Understanding Homepage Importance

In general, the homepage is the face of your website. When your homepage is attractive, it immediately grasps users and has them staying on your website to learn more. Whether you are selling products or services, users want to know about it as soon as they land clearly. Keeping true to your business mission and brand is important, so incorporating that throughout the homepage is crucial. Using your colors, logos, and fonts is a great way to stay true to you and intrigue your users to buy a product or work with you. A homepage that shows all about you and is straightforward for users to navigate around is a great homepage for a website. The homepage is important because it is the first place most users will visit and will determine whether or not a user becomes a customer. 

The Importance Of A Homepage To Google

Googler’s John Mueller and Gary Illyes have stated multiple times that the homepage has an immense significance to Google. They stated that in Google’s eyes, the homepage serves as a starting point for users on your website. It is also a starting point for Google’s crawling process, which allows search engines to discover new pages. These Googler’s have mentioned that pages which are linked right from the homepage are usually always considered necessary to Google, which is why the homepage is an important page for Google and to be ranked on search engine results pages. Google knows the homepage is an important page for information that users will want to see or read first, reigning the homepage the most important page on your website. 

Homepage and Website Design With Boston Web Marketing

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