Is the ‘Google My Business’ Profile Image the Most Important?

The answer is quite simple: Yes. There is no other image that is more important on your Google business page than your profile image. This is also the hardest image to “get right”. These images have the biggest impact on the searcher’s behavior. So what goes into choosing the perfect profile image for your business?

  1. Use an image that Google will accept through their privacy terms. No foul language or obscene images.
  2. If your business is a storefront, use an exterior or interior image that includes your logo.
  3. If you sponsor a lot of local events within the community, choose an image that displays your logo and you interacting with the audience!
  4. Your image should also be able to change in pixel size without losing its quality. Focus first on how the image looks on Google Maps, Safari, Chrome and Google Maps on both desktop and mobile.

Unfortunately, Google does not give us a tool to use to test which image would work best, so use your better judgement when choosing yours. Just follow some of the tips we suggested above to improve your Google My Business page!

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