Is Social Media Really an Important SEO Practice

A very simple question with, apparently, a very simple answer.  Very.  For a while industry pros have been talking about the importance of using social media as a part of your overall SEO strategy and they have been proven correct.  A recent study by Ascend 2 found that those companies with a social media emphasis to their SEO plan had much better results than those companies who did not emphasize social media. Calling the strategies Superior and Inferior (based upon their success with online campaigns), 38% of companies with a Superior Strategy extensively integrate social media with SEO and only 2% of those with an Inferior Strategy do so.  Half (50%) of those companies with an Inferior Strategy do not integrate social media and SEO at all.

For those of you who employ a company to do SEO for you, make sure that a part of their service includes social media management.  If it doesn’t, your strategy is lacking and may not provide the results that you’d like.  If you do use social media, be sure to keep it active.  Whether it’s handled internally or externally, it’s important to participate with your service or employees so that there is a good flow of information with updates and ideas to plentiful to share regularly online.

By Don MacMelville

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