Is Snapchat Appropriate For My Brand?

It’s hard to imagine life without Snapchat these days. The social app has made tremendous strides within the past 12 months and has been rolling out update after update to make their product more user-friendly for their biggest customers: Businesses.

But Facebook has also been making strides to improve their interface and online visibility for businesses. It’s safe to say however that almost every business has been utilizing Facebook and what it has to offer. It’s time to think outside the box in terms of raising brand awareness. Here are a few attributes Snapchat has that might appeal to your marketing plan:

  • Large Audience Reach. Although Facebook still has all other social media platforms beat when active monthly users is concerned, Snapchat claims to have 100 million daily users. This is a massive audience that your company can tap into if marketed correctly.
  • Young Audience. Does your business cater more towards a younger generation? If so, you’re missing out by not taking advantage of Snapchat’s many uses. Purchase an area-specific filter and let your customers take pictures within your establishment using the filter.
  • Timeliness. Snapchat is addicting in that it keeps users coming back because the information on the app is not permanent. This creates a sense of urgency for users, and you should take advantage of that urgency by promoting flash sales.
  • It’s Authentic. The app isn’t only new, it’s also easy to use and different. The use of filters, emojis and timing make this a one-of-a-kind marketing platform. Unfortunately for Facebook, there are other social platforms out there with a similar function and layout that businesses can use.

If nothing else, using Snapchat as a business is all around fun for everyone. Creating a filter is both easy and effective with very straightforward rules and directions. Not sure how to utilize the app correctly? Contacting an Internet marketing company such as Boston Web Marketing can save you the time and the hassle.

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