Is Pinterest Just For Women?

Pinterest wants to broaden its user base and has taken some steps to entice more men to the online posting board.

While 42% of women online use Pinterest, only 13% of men use the social bookmarking site.  Now when users register for an account, gender is one of the questions asked when signing up.  In an attempt to make the site more gender neutral, queries are then filtered by gender in an effort to provide better and more useful results.

A spokesman for the company said the following:

“So if you search for topics like “watches”, “health”, “fashion”, “tattoos”, you’ll see Pins based on what other men or women are Pinning to those categories … The search guides will also change to show you relevant suggestions to guide you in your search.”

The current top interests followed by men are:

  1. men’s apparel
  2. technology
  3. travel
  4. gardening
  5. recipes
  6. gadgets
  7. design
  8. luxury cars
  9. tattoos
  10. camping

So what does this mean for marketers?  Well, if you are in the business of selling product that targets the male consumer, this my be the time to get more aggressive or active using Pinterest as another means of online promotion.

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