Is Pinterest Entering the Game of E-Commerce?

pin-buy-nowAfter months of rumors, the 70 million+ user social media network Pinterest has officially announced that they will be allowing vendors to stick a ‘buy it’ button on items they post onto their Pinterest boards. This is a great step forward for businesses who sell their products online.

The way Pinterest works now makes it tedious for users to buy things they want online through Pinterest boards. Vendors would normally put in the URL to bring the potential shopper to their site to buy the product. Now, Pinterest is becoming a “one-stop-shop” option!

Pinterest says that this feature will roll out in the next couple of weeks for iPhone and iPad users first. Purchases can be made via credit card or by Apple Pay. If this new feature becomes as popular as it is expected to be, they will then roll it out to desktop and Android users.

Happy shopping Pinners!

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