Is My Site Utilizing Schema Markup Properly?

Advantages and New Features of Schema Markups

If you have done some research within the SEO field, the term, schema markup, is something you have most likely come across. Simply put, schema markup is a code you can add to your site that allows search engines to better understand specific aspects of your business. The information usually pertains to name, address, phone number, etc. Additionally, if you have an e-commerce site, it can also be used to highlight specific products and highlight pricing!

Not only does the schema markup help search engines better understand your site/ business, it also can change the way you are viewed on search engines. The point of this blog is to help our clients and prospective clients better understand the term, uses and new features of a Schema mark up!

A Piece of Code

Thanks to numerous sites and search engines themselves, schema markup can be easily added to your site through any Content Management System (CMS) as opposed to using and writing code on the back-end code of a site. To add this information, go to any reputable schema markup generator found online and add the information into the appropriate fields. Be sure this information is accurate as if it doesn’t match with the content on the site, the schema markup won’t be as effective. Next, validate that the code generated is accurate and correctly filled out. Schema Markup Generators tend to do a good job understanding what is supposed to be where and will provide you a functional piece of code more times than not. After you have the code, depending on the plug-ins used within your CMS, you will want to add this code to the header of your site. Now, Google and other search engines will be able to better provide users your hours, location, phone numbers and any other information added to help users understand and connect with your business. The easier users can find your business online, the greater opportunity you have to attract them as customers!

New Feature

A new, exciting feature of schema markup is the ability to feature an image that will appear aside your site within a search engine. Depending on the industry, this could be a very effective addition to your web presence. From an overall marketing standpoint, this image will help you stand out against other sites providing the same products or service. Again, the industry may change what type of image, but from a local SEO perspective, a storefront may be best especially if your address its easily seen from the street!

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