Is my PPC Campaign Passing the Mobile Test?

It is estimated that search ad spending has grown by an astounding 83% in the year 2014 and will continue to grow through 2018. With desktop ad spending decreasing and cost-per-acquisition price points growing, you want to ensure your campaign is optimized for conversions before creating.

Users, who are searching on their mobile phones, will be looking for precise results and for what they need at the moment. Companies need to learn how their customers found their brand and what specific words they are using. Compare keywords from customers & keyword exploration to discover how likely they are to relate mobile searches than desktop searches. Once this is done, you can then run your campaign with the related keywords.

Because of limited screen space, mobile users are usually looking to find their information quickly. By including click to call buttons on landing pages, companies can make this procedure easier for users. Along with click to call buttons, companies can add other components to make the mobile experience easier. Things such as:

  • Phone icons
  • Placement of buttons
  • Font size

By having click to call buttons and easy to read text and icons, mobile users will be able to contact a sales representative easier.

To develop conversions more directly, companies can implement call extensions & location details. Having answers, to questions users might ask, ready and on the site will allow the mobile user to partake in an easier process.

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