Is More Content Always Better?

You’ve heard it from almost everywhere, when it comes to SEO, and marketing in general, there’s no better investment than content. Content helps us get found on Google in a myriad of ways, by incorporating specific keywords and phrases, by answering highly asked questions, and by telling the story of your company/brand. 

However, with all this enthusiasm for content, it is easy to get to the point where we are producing without taking the time to ask ourselves why. This is where strategy is important, because while most people don’t think of SEO as a targeted form of marketing, in reality we are always targeting a wide range of specific searches. More content is not always better, but doing the proper research and finding the right range of specificity is important.

How Targeted Should My Content Be?

When starting off with content strategy, the more targeted you can get the better. One important step to take is to test the search volume of each keyword or phrase. Longer tail key phrases are great to use because they often contain within them shorter keywords. Using a range of hyper specific 

How Can I Test My Content?

There are many tools out there that claim to test how your content is performing, but we always recommend Google Search Console. Not only is it completely free but it’s data straight from the source. GSC will not only show you how many impressions and clicks each page is receiving, but which search phrases they are showing up. This data will help you decide if you need to broaden your content or specify it to a smaller audience. It will also show you what’s working and what isn’t so you can continue to improve your pages.

Can Irrelevant Content Hurt My Rankings?

Content that doesn’t exactly match your target keywords won’t hurt your rankings, but you should still make sure that you are keeping consistent with content that is generally relevant to your products and audience. The more informative and professional your blog content is, the more likely you are to build trust with Google.

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