Is Mobile Taking Over The Internet?

Ever since the creation of smartphones, and the evolution of mobile devices in general, people are using these devices to use the internet. Over the years the amount of people searching on the internet has risen at a steady pace. A recent report states that 75% of internet use in the year 2017 will be from mobile devices. That percentage is up slightly from this year and is projected to keep rising as the years go by.

With the rise of mobile device usage, mobile advertising will also be on the rise. Marketers and advertisers have been following the mobile device take over for quite some time and have been working accordingly. Another report states that by the year 2018, 60% of  all advertising dollars will come from mobile ads. With that percentage, the expenditure for ads on mobile devices is expected to be about 134 billion dollars.

Google has also released a report that 50% of mobile searches are done on smartphones. In addition, Google states that users only use smartphones for internet access. Those who use the internet on their phones more often than not use them longer, meaning more internet time, than people who use desktop computers.

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