Is it Worth it to Switch to HTTPS?

It is no secret that Google is beginning to rank sites higher if they are HTTPS secure since they first hinted at it in their 2014 webmasters article. Three years later, they have kept their word and are continuing their efforts towards a more secure web. They are rolling out algorithm updates that rank HTTPS secure sites higher and can de-rank non-secure sites. To be able to decide if making the switch to HTTPS is worth it, we must first understand what HTTPS is.
HTTPS means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. The essential function of HTTPS is to provide a higher level of website security. HTTPS uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which adds a deeper layer of encryption. What this encryption does is it acts basically as a locked door, protecting your data from any outside intruder from getting in. HTTPS also offers stronger data integrity, which means your data cannot be interfered with or altered without detection. Gaining SSL and HTTPS verification also proves that a site is legitimate and not a scam site.
HTTPS greatly improves a site’s security, which can be especially important if that site contains contact forms or any call to action that is obtaining information from users. If a site is not HTTPS, then that information is vulnerable to hackers and middleman attacks. Not to mention that Google is going to rank secure sites higher; so that in itself is an incentive to move to HTTPS. While it will not automatically move a site to #1, it may help.
Obtaining an SSL certificate and converting your site to HTTPS is not an easy task though. There are many steps that go into the process. Obtaining an SSL certificate may be expensive depending on various factors. For larger websites, migration can be a long and tedious procedure, and once you switch over there are still changes to be made to the website.
While it can be an intricate process, moving a site to HTTPS has many benefits for both website owners and users. Adding a deeper level of security prevents attacks and builds trust with users, which can in turn bring in more leads and increase conversions.

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