Is it Too Late for Holiday SEO?

For many, the holiday season is the best time of the year. This is despite all of the hectic planning and shopping that often gets put off until the last minute. This holiday procrastination can pertain to SEO practices too as it is generally recommended that individuals start optimizing for the holidays well in advance because, as those who practice search engine optimization will know, any implemented changes can take a while to have an effect on the website’s search rankings. Although, those individuals will also be aware of the fact that there are several SEO tactics you can make use of that have a much more notable short-term impact than others. 

Identify Holiday Keywords

Checking online tools such as Google insights or Trends can help individuals identify keyword data pertaining to the holiday season. This is so useful because, including the popular keywords found here into both relevant page content as well as titles and meta descriptions, this is one of the most effective short-term solutions for optimization before the holidays. The reason for this is due to the fact that updating page content at the same time as titles and meta descriptions allows search engines to recognize all of the implemented changes when the website is crawled.  

Update XML Sitemap

That moves us onto the next suggestion for those looking to optimize their site for the holidays which is creating an XML sitemap. Ensuring that your website is outfitted with a fully accurate and up to date XML sitemap will allow for search engines to crawl your website and recognize any changes made more easily.  If your website’s XML sitemap is not up to date or it is incomplete, it’s possible that search engines do not find existing pages on the site.

Fetch as Google

Once you have created relevant holiday content a well as ensured that it is included in your up to date XML sitemap, its time to speed up the ranking process by visiting Google Search Console. To do this you will be using the Fetch as Google tool. This tool often used to debug crawl issues on websites, allows those looking to increase their holiday search rankings to submit their newly updated XML sitemap for Google to crawl. By doing this instead of simply sitting back and hoping Google crawls your site guarantees that the page is indexed typically within the next day or so.

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