Is It Time To Update My SEO Strategy?

With the new year vastly approaching, there is no better time to dive deeply into your marketing and search engine optimization strategy. However, it doesn’t have to be a significant year change or new season to take advantage of examining your marketing efforts to ensure you are truly optimizing your online presence. SEO, digital marketing, and marketing are forever changing and evolving, making it critical that you update and revisit your strategy to ensure it is up to date-and aligns well with the current landscape. To help you rethink your SEO strategy, the digital marketing SEO specialists at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our top tips to ensure your SEO is at the top of its game.

Signs You Need To Update Your SEO Strategy


Your Rankings Are Falling

If your search engine result page rankings are not as good as months or years past, your current SEO strategy may need some work! Google and other search engines are constantly looking for quality content that is knowledgeable and fresh. Without having engaging content on your site, you run the risk of not ranking well. If you are experiencing a decrease in rankings, take a look at your content, refresh it, and bring something new to the table.


Your Keywords Are No Longer Relevant

Keywords are essential to SEO as they help you determine what to base your content on. Your keywords should be relevant to your business, what you are offering, and your services. If your keywords do not align with your business, you will notice that your content will not rank even if it is well crafted. To improve your keywords, you will want to list any important topics related to your business and service offerings and then narrow it down.


Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly

Another important thing to look for when determining if your SEO strategy needs to be reconfigured is how your site looks within a mobile view. Most searches these days occur via mobile devices. Whether it is a tablet, smartphone, iPad, etc., people are always searching on a screen. This makes it more important than ever to produce mobile-friendly content that looks the same on the phone as on a laptop. If you have never considered doing so, now is the time to.


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