Mobile vs. Desktop SEO: Which Is More Important To Optimize For?

One crucial aspect of SEO that tends to fly under the radar is optimizing your websites for multiple devices. Using a computer isn’t the only way that potential clients will search anymore! Because of the fact that most webpages function differently on tablet and mobile devices, you’ll need to optimize for these platforms as well. In fact, the search engine results page for a mobile device can be radically different than that of a desktop! With search trends constantly changing, you may be wondering which of the two devices is more important to optimize for. The answer is actually both – and we’ll explain exactly why below!

Optimizing SEO For Desktop Devices

Because of the fact that you’re likely conducting most of your SEO tasks from a laptop or computer, desktop search is the easiest to optimize for. The way your pages appear within your website editor won’t change once things are published! A crucial thing to keep in mind is desktop searches offer more detail than mobile devices. You’ll be able to see more of a website’s page titles and meta descriptions as a result, which is why they’re so important to fill out completely. While it’s true that more and more people are searching on mobile devices, Google’s own employees argue that its still important to keep a desktop version running properly. Google isn’t the only search engine out there; many others prioritize desktop versions of websites over mobile ones. For platforms like Google Business Profile, desktop search is the main target – since knowledge graphs are more easily viewable on desktop and tablet devices, your business is more likely to appear there than on a mobile device.

Optimizing SEO For Mobile Devices

It’s no secret that the majority of Internet searchers use mobile devices to get the results they’re looking for. In fact, Google prioritizes mobile devices in its search result pages! The tricky part about optimizing for mobile search is that your page structure has to be different in order to succeed. Here’s a handy series of questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not a page works for mobile search:

  • Do page elements load quickly? Are there scripts that prevent them from doing so?
  • Is text legible without having to zoom in?
  • Have columns been switched on mobile devices to prevent two images from displaying in a row?
  • Are links and buttons clickable?
  • Do the interactive elements work on mobile devices – including menus?

If you’ve been able to answer all of these questions positively, then your page should be good to go! It’s a good practice to answer these questions before you ever publish a page on your website.

Optimize Your SEO For All Devices With Boston Web Marketing

Optimizing your pages for both desktop and mobile devices is of equal importance. After all, you want to make sure you’re covering all of your bases! Boston Web Marketing knows this better than anyone. Our SEO professionals will ensure that your mobile and desktop pages are bulletproof to maximize your chances of ranking high. To whip your website into the best possible shape, click here to contact us directly!

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