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Is it Beneficial to Respond to 5-Star Google Reviews?

Part of being a successful business owner is taking responsibility for when your business makes a mistake. These mistakes often become public information when an unhappy customer writes a review on Google, Facebook or Yelp. Therefore, it’s important to follow guidelines for responding to these negative reviews. Best practices for responding to negative reviews includes not being confrontational, offering an apology if appropriate and giving the disgruntled reviewer an opportunity to reach out to you. Occasionally, this leads to these reviewers changing their minds and changing their one-star review into a better, less negative review.

One often-understated aspect of responding to reviews involves responding to actually positive reviews. This can forge a relationship between your clientele and possibly lead to long-lasting business opportunities. An added bonus to responding to 5-star reviews, and this solely pertains to Google, is that by responding to these reviews with keyword-rich replies, it helps optimize your Google Business listing. In theory, this has the potential to improve your rankings on Google Maps. An example of keyword-rich response goes as follows:

Google Review: (5-Stars)  Thanks so much to Smith & Sons Home Improvement for remodeling my kitchen! If I ever need any home improvement services again, I’ll definitely call them!

Owner’s Response: Thanks for your wonderful review! We’re incredibly grateful to hear that you’re happy with your kitchen remodeling. When it comes to our customers, whether it be for tiling, countertops, hardwood floors or bathroom remodeling, we make sure our materials are coming from the best suppliers and our workers are expertly trained. If you ever need us again, feel free to call us at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

Lastly, as long as it’s done organically, feel free to plug any cities and towns you’re hoping to improve your ranking in Maps for with certain keywords.

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